The SALVE REGINA 2005 group was the fruit of a personal initiative, and was founded on February 11, 2005 under the auspices of Our Lady of Lourdes. It was the result of several years of soul searching.

It is aimed at men and women all around the world, at laymen and ordinary worshipers. In principe, this group advocates individual prayer, in one’s own home. However, this does not prevent people from gathering periodically to pray together (Cenacle), in order to successfully reach the group’s goal.

There are many ways to mentally perform. A few example :









Christus vincit, Christus regnat, Christus imperat (Papa Francisco) :

Montserrat - Cant de la Salve Gregoriana, als Vespres :


ØThe sign of Cross. Perform several signs on ground and in the air in several places (In nomine Patris, et Filii e Spiritus Sancti. Amen).


ØDaily prayers : I believe in God (Credo), Angelus, Rosary and several Requiem for the Souls in purgatory.


ØDaily prayer of the Invocation to the Holy Cross on behalf of captives of esoteric sects.


ØDaily prayer of the Invocation to the Holy Cross on behalf of epileptics, exorcists and charismatic worshipers.


ØOffering masses in order to reach the group’s aim more effectively.


ØA weekly day of prayer in honour of Our Lady of Montserrat.


ØA weekly day of prayer to convert the sinners.


ØOffering daily labour, sacrifices, illnesses.


ØDaily recitation of the explanation of the inscriptions on St. Benedict’s medal-crucifix :

PAX. The Cross of Holy Father Benedict. May the Holy Cross be my light. Let the devil not be my leader. Get behind me satan. Non suade mihi vana.What you are showing me is bad. Drink your poisons yourself.


ØOne decade of the Rosary for the Pope


ØTrough the free distribution of Bibles, the New Testament, rosaries, mount Carmel scapularies, Saint Michael scapularies and medals of the miraculous Virgin, of saint Benedict.


ØSpreading the Word (photocopies, word of mouth, publications, translations, Internet) without any prior requested authorization, provided that it be done entirely, like the original version of February 11, 2005.


Ø Mentioning our website in your country’s a religious newspaper, for example, « Prayers in several languages. Free website. ( ) ».


Since it is not necessary to register to be member for life of SALVE REGINA 2005, we shall never know how many we are. « Let us sow in silence and multiply ». Let us imagine that the group is an empty pouch that everyone should fill with prayers, sacrifices, fasts…We can invoke the saints and the Virgin Mary’s intercession and ask them to help us, but let us not forget that only God has the power to answer our prayers.

Let us pray each day so that a miserable wretch can escape the hunter’s net. PAX