Group : SALVE REGINA 2005 (Prayers to do at home alone)

Aim : Free the captives of esoteric sects through prayer.


PATRONS : Our Lady of Montserrat, Heavenly Armies, Benedict of Nursie, Dominic of Guzman, Maksimilian Kolbe, Willibrord, Teresa of Avila and the 14 helper saints.

COPATRONS : Remy, Zenon, Nil, Martin of Tours et Denys the Areopagite.


PROTECTORS (among others) : Joseph, Augustine of Hippo, Leonard of Noblat, J.Joseph of the Cross, Rita of Cascia, Anthony of Padua, Peter Claver, Francis of Assisi, Josemaria Escrivà, John of Dieu, J.M.Vianney, Helen, Gertrude of Helfta, Bernarda Heimgartner, Ulrica Nisch, Teresa & Julie Ledochowska, Mirjam Abellin, Bakhita, Charles Lwanga and Companions, Catherine Labouré, Francis of Sales, M.M. Alacoque, Rose of Lima, Bénédicte, Odile, Madeleine Postel, Anna M. Taïgi, Frances Romaine, Antonia Maria of Oviedo, Alexandrina Balasar, Margaret Bays, Lydwine de Schiedam, Elizabeth of the Trinity, Mathurin, Grignion of Montfort, Lawrence, Hyacinthe, Hubert, Benedict- J. Labre, Yves, Michael A. of Marenella, J.B. Scalabrini, Constant of Fabriano.


GUIDES : Twelve Apostles, Angel Gardien, Bernard of Clairvaux, Pius V, John Bosco, Peter of Alcantara, Ignatius of Loyola, Padre Pio, Gerard of Majella, Edith Stein, Teresa of Lisieux, Eugenie Smet, Catherina of Siena, Macarius and Anthony of Egypt Catherine of st. Augustine, Bartolo Longo, Vincent Ferrer and Nicholas of Flüe.


GUARDS : St. Mauritius & Companions


Salesian motto : « Save yourself by saving your brothers »


Daily prayers : 1 I believe in God, 1 Angelus, 1 Rosary and several Requiem for the purgatory’s Souls. If you are not used to praying, first of all, star with a selection of various prayers for a few months, gradually increasing.


Short daily fervent prayers : -Saint Michael the Archangel, Virgin of the Immaculate Conception, protect us Christ the King. Amen. –Jesus, Mary and Joseph save the dying. Amen. –Holi Spirit, wash what is soiled, bathe what is dry, heal what is wounded.


SIGN : OF THE CROSS (even in a symbolic manner). Mentally perform several signs of the Cross on the ground and in the air in several places. (In nomine Patris, et Filii et Spiritus Sancti. Amen)

Recommended readings : Psalms, The Lives of the Saints and Leon XIII’s exorcism prayer.


Wearing a scapular of Mount Carmel, St. Benedict’s medal and  the miraculous medal of the Virgin. (Holy).  Recommended the Stations of the Cross and the Adoration and the Blessed Sacrament.


ANNUAL FEASTS : April 27 (Our Lady of Montserrat), July 11 St. Benedict, August 8 saint Dominic and saint Cyriacus, August 14 Maksimilian Kolbe, September 29 saints Archangels, October 15 saint Teresa of Avila and November 7 saint Willibrord.


Recommended days of fasting and prayer : 15th and 31st January, Good Friday, 25th April,  8th Mai, Pentecost, 24th June, 11st and 25th July, 8th, 14th and 31st August, 22nd, 23rd and 29th September, 15th, 19th , 30th October and 7th November.